Accountability in American Legislatures

Our core understanding of democracy suggests that officeholders should be electorally punished when they perform poorly or fail to represent their constituents. My book manuscript Accountability in American Legislatures evaluates the extent to which theories of political accountability apply to state legislatures by addressing the question: do elections hold state legislators accountable for their own performance? Building upon the work from my award-winning dissertation, my analyses of candidate decision-making, voter knowledge, and elections outcomes show that rather than being a referendum on how state legislators perform, state legislative elections are dominated by national politics. An outline of the manuscript can be found here with versions of chapters below:

Chapter 2: Challenger Entry in State Legislative Elections - Download Draft
Chapter 3: Voter Knowledge of State Legislatures- Download Draft
Chapter 4: Likes and Dislikes of State Legislative Candidates
Chapter 5: Accountability for Legislative Representation - Download Draft
Chapter 6: How Parties Perform in Office and Elections- Download Draft
Chapter 7: "Accountability" in Primary Elections - Download Draft
Chapter 8: You can't fire me...I quit! - Download Draft